Debt is generated regardless of income level. There are many examples of high income and high debt like Mr. Wen. However, under the general banking conditions, "quality customers" or "elite projects" are usually three divisions (lawyer, physician, accountant). Public officials, etc., not only have a higher loan amount, but are also easier to handle. Generally speaking, there is a point for the allocation of funds, but it is also easy to integrate loan liabilities, but more and more, most of them are from The original debt factor (such as consumption habits) has not changed, and the fall of the mistakes has been repeated. Until I want to recover, I find that the amount of debt is often nearly one million yuan or more than one million yuan, which becomes tricky and cannot be handled by myself. At this time, I have to seek trustworthy professionals, and never go to the pawnshop or bank of unfair business. Institutions that don’t have enough security to make the loan integrate their finances are not worse.
The most important thing is that if the debt is to be handled smoothly, in addition to the assistance of professionals, it is even more necessary for the parties to cooperate. Only when the two parties work together can they have a satisfactory result.